Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

Protection of the environment and of natural resources are both a commitment and strategic corporate goal for Mannesmann Stainless Tubes.

Our aims:

  • Minimization of emissions and of the use of raw materials and energy

  • Environmentally compatible utilization or disposal of unavoidable waste

  • Manufacturing-integrated environmental protection instead of end-of-pipe technologies

  • The use of ecologically sound raw materials, expendables and operating materials

Mannesmann Stainless Tubes Accreditations

We operate a global Quality Management system across key market sectors of Aerospace, Nuclear, Oil & Gas and Petrochem with an extensive customer approval reference list.

Accreditations include : EN ISO 9001 • EN ISO 14001 • EN9100 
• ASME Section III 
• RCC-M 
• HAF 604 (from NNSA, China)